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The “Bohemian Interior Design Rhapsody”: A Home Th...

The “Bohemian Interior Design Rhapsody”: A Home That Tells Your Story

Bohemian Interior Design Linesmag

If you want your home to tell your story, or may be your artistic wild spirit longs for creativity and adventure, then the bohemian interior design is absolutely the perfect match for you!

But first, have you ever wondered why the immortal British band “Queen” called their most famous song “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

The word “Bohemian” used to refer to the Gypsies living in Europe, and later referred to the wandering artists. Always travelling around, and having their own traditions. In short, they lived an adventure every single day. As for “Rhapsody”, it means fantasy. So the song tells the story of an artist who is a free soul. He is always dreaming, trying different things, mixing styles of music that don’t seem to match at first glance. He is daring to try and experiment without fear. Well that’s exactly what “Bohemian Interior Design” is.

Bohemian Interior Design Linesmag

About Bohemian Interior Design

The bohemian interior design –or the “Boho/Boho Chic”- has been around for a long time, and it is not going anywhere. Simply because it is not just some features, materials, or some kind of ornaments that you add to a room. It is how you tell your story through the space you live in. And exactly like stories, it is full of events and characters that are different from one another. Yet, they form one big picture.

So here are some tips and tricks to help you express yourself while adding this carefree, unique and daring bohemian spirit to your home.

Less is more? Sorry Not Here!

Unlike the minimalist style that is concerned with simplicity and using the absolute necessary, the bohemian interior design is all about layering and mixing. It is bright, loud, and busy. Yet chic! You might find old sofas covered with colorful garments, two layers of carpets on the floor and maybe another one hanging on the wall, maybe some sheepskin or cowhide over there. Use different colors and styles of furniture. The only rule is, as long as it tells your story you are free to use it.

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Be Playful, Be Creative!

As we said before the bohemian spirit is a free one. Be bold and try different mixes and combinations even if they seem strange from a far, when they come together they might have their own beauty. The bohemian style is eclectic which means you can use whatever kind of furniture pieces you like and mix between their styles. Even in the accessories, mix colors, materials, and shapes.

Bohemian Interior Design Linesmag

How about some Victorian furniture antiques mixed with colorful patterned chairs? Certainly!
Okay, what if I used a crystal chandelier and some Moroccan lanterns in the corners? Absolutely! I guess you get the idea.
A great way of introducing this playful spirit is using patterns and strong colors. Usually in bohemian designs earthy colors are used as a base, and then some touches of jewel colors are used in furniture, accessories or finishing materials, such as emerald green, deep blue or purple. You might also experiment with garments and patterns as mentioned before. In addition to that, patterns may be introduced in floors and walls as tiles and wallpaper. Maybe a Moroccan bluish pattern would give you the exotic spirit you’re looking for.

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Aim for Individuality

In bohemian interior design you want your place to be like no one else’s. Therefore we usually lean towards handmade furniture and accessories as well. The painting that is only made for you, or that sofa that you customized personally, the straw or brass lantern you bought when you were travelling, are some of the things that will help you leave your fingerprint all around.

Bohemian Interior Design Linesmag

Be cozy, It’s Your Home!

Well bohemian style is the best when it comes to coziness. Using a lot of pillows is an encouraged practice here. It helps you in mixing the patterns and colors, and it also embraces you and gives you comfort. You can use as many as you want, and we recommend using some floor pillows and low furniture as well. And if you are targeting the highest level of “Chilling-out”, then a hammock or a swing chair is what you’re looking for.

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Nature Is Your Best Friend

Bohemians have always been connected with living in nature, camping, and moving around. That’s why introducing nature into your house would be a perfect fit for this style. Plants and greenery are your closest friends, they don’t only clean the air around you, but they also bring this pop color you’re aiming for and bring life to your place. There is no maximum number or type of plants; they are all welcomed in your bohemian world. You may also use hanging plants on your shelves or macramé hanging pots from the ceiling. The possibilities are endless!
Speaking of nature, using wood would also help you make this connection. It brings the earthy tone that we spoke of. Moreover it brings you the warmth you need to feel cozy in your home.

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Second Hand, Best Hand

As mentioned, it is all about telling a story. And when the things around you have a past, they tell a story of their own. If you’re going for the bohemian style, you’re not actually looking for the new and shiny. You are looking for the scratches of time in furniture and accessories. By just one look, you know it has a past. That’s when the second hand shop around the corner comes into use. In addition to being cost effective, it also helps you get the eclectic vibe you’re after. You’ll be collecting bits and pieces from here and there to reach a unique style that is absolutely your own.

Bohemian Interior Design Linesmag

Time to Open up Your Time Capsule!

Remember those souvenirs you got when you were traveling? I know you wondered if you’ll ever use them. Well, the time has come! Nothing is better in personalizing a space than your own belongings. The photos, paintings, small statues, amulets, and tokens from your adventures. Put them on your shelves; hang them on the wall or from the ceiling. Remember those beautiful family legacy art pieces? bring them too. Don’t have any? Visit the antique shop you always entered but never actually bought from. It’s time to tell stories and there is no better way to tell them.

Bohemian Interior Design Linesmag

In an era of clones and mass production as the one we are living in, there is no better way out. Make your house your own; make it speak of who you are. Be bold and daring to mix and experiment. From chaos and imperfection beauty is born. May you live freely, and may your “Bohemian Design Rhapsody” come true.

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David grew up loving all kinds of narrative arts, it made him realize that everything revolves around, and ends up being a story. During studying architecture, he discovered that it is directed by a concept, a message or an idea interpreted in a physical form, and is directly influencing the lives of its users. And David is always eager to make these architectural stories, stories worth telling.



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