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“The Modern Arch Trend” Interior Desig...

“The Modern Arch Trend” Interior Design : An Element Reborn

Interior Arches Trend Linesmag

Arches have always been strong architectural and structural elements throughout history. From the East to the West almost all nations have their variations of these special elements. Nowadays, interior designers are rediscovering the beauty of the arches once more as an interior element in our living spaces. So come with us on a trip to discover “The Modern Arch Trend” in interior design.

Why use Arches in Our Interior Spaces?

The Organic feeling

The use of curves always introduces an organic feeling to the space. Curves also connect the space with nature, because in nature we shall never find perfectly straight lines as the ones we make. So it delivers a sense of relief and peace to the dwellers of the space.

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Photo Courtesy: LYSIUK Designs


Most of our living spaces are rectilinear, with clear lines and defined edges. So when we add curves represented in arches it results in a contrast with the linear elements, thus making the space more interesting and dynamic.

Interior Arches Trend Linesmag

Project Llibreteria, By: Acabado Mate Designs, Photo by: Marcela Grassi

Changing Dull Spaces

They add an interesting dimension to the dull spaces such as lobbies and corridors and give them an aesthetic visual quality.

Interior Arches Trend Linesmag

Defining Spaces

Arches help in defining large spaces without completely cutting the connection between them. So we can feel the limits of each space, while at the same time getting the feeling that they both form a larger space together.

Interior Arches Trend Linesmag

Project Llibreteria, By: Acabado Mate Designs, Photo by: Marcela Grassi

Various Shapes

The shapes and types of arches are endless, thus you can almost always find an arch that would fit with the style you’re aiming for. Also the variety of materials you can use give you even more options.

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Introducing Arches In Different Elements

Modern Arches can be used in various elements, such as wall niches, openings, doors, and furniture. Also, the use of strong colors adding contrast to the design will help in highlighting the arches, which gave a very special feeling to the space.

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Photo Courtesy: Studio Razavi Architecture

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