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Tips to design your home office

Home office Photo courtesy: Ikea

Due to the current quarantine, most of us have shifted to working from home. Surely working from home can be really comfortable. It saves you all the time of transportation and lets you have your own plan for the day. However, it comes with the hassle of finding a suitable space to work from home and be as productive. This hassle could be saved through following these home office design tips.

Here, we got you few tips on how to design your own home office:

Work with a view

It’s always refreshing to work with a beautiful view. We recommend choosing a space close to a window where you can have a look on the outside world. Besides, you can make use of the natural light to get inspired. According to Cornell University Professor Alan Hedge, natural light can greatly decrease eyestrain and headaches resulted from long working hours.

Home office Photo courtesy: Emily Henderson
Photo courtesy: Emily Henderson

Make use of empty spaces

Worried about where to set your new home office? No problem. You can easily take a space off your living room or bedroom. You can even make use of an empty hallway or any unused space and turn it into your new home office.

Home office design Photo courtesy: callahaninteriors
Photo courtesy: callahaninteriors
Home office Photo courtesy: Neville Johnson
Photo courtesy: Neville Johnson

Define your space

Switching between rooms around the house will help you subconsciously associate your new space with work. Consequently, you will be able to do more and be productive. In addition to that, your new home office needs to be visually identified. This can be through adding simple elements like rugs, painting or separators to identify your new space.

Home office Photo courtesy: Qanvast
Photo courtesy: Qanvast

Be creative with your desk

If you already got a desk, then that’s nice. However, if you don’t, then it’s a chance to play around and unleash your creativity. You can make use of multi-functional furniture in your workspace. A shelving unit for example can serve as a desk that can be folded again to save space.

Home office Photo courtesy: Alvhem Makleri
Photo courtesy: Alvhem Makleri

Furthermore, there are always unused in-between spaces that can greatly serve you. Learn how to make alcove office here. If you are really into DIY, you can definitely make your own desk by simple materials. Try this one here for example.

Home office Photo courtesy: A Beautiful Mess
Photo courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

Choose comfortable chair

Admit it, most of us do not pay much attention to the chair we are sitting on while working. In fact, if you usually work for several hours, then this would be a problem. Mostly a swivel chair would be good for long working hours. Besides, always remember to keep your elbows at right angles and the screen roughly at eye level so your body is properly aligned.

Home office Photo courtesy: Jonathan Nicholson
Photo courtesy: Jonathan Nicholson

Order is everything

A clean and tidy space can definitely boost your productivity. Researchers at Princeton University studied the relationship between the surrounding environment and human distraction. The study proves how a messy environment can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your tasks. Hence, it is really important to organize your work space. In doing so, you should follow your work process and organize your stuff accordingly. Always make sure to keep your most used items nearby.

Home office Photo courtesy: Sol Haus Design
Photo courtesy: Sol Haus Design

Add color to your work space

Your home office does not have to be that plain boring space. Spice it up using a bold colour in your storage units or a in unique desk chair. You can even paint the wall with a lively colour that matches the surrounding interior. Go creative and DIY a calendar on your wall or a board for your To-Do list.

Home office Photo courtesy: shutterfly
Photo courtesy: shutterfly

Add Green as well

Plants are the secret recipe to happiness. They are proven to reduce stress and enhance your concentration. Therefore, adding plants to your home office can brighten your day and set your positive mood for work. Get to know more about beautiful indoor plants here.

Home office Photo courtesy: John Lewis
Photo courtesy: John Lewis

Set suitable lighting

Concerning lighting your work space, it is preferable to use task lighting. having good lighting should help you concentrate and be productive. You can also add pendant lighting that can add special essence to your home office.

Home office Photo courtesy: Ikea
Photo courtesy: Ikea

Add desk accessories

Whether it’s a favourite old photograph, mug or any precious gift, adding accessories to your desk can set you on a positive mood. It’s a lovely inspiration and a reminder to keep moving forward. Old stuff like empty jars, old plates or paper can turn into beautiful desk accessories. Read more about recycling at home here.

Accessories at home office Photo courtesy: Ikea
Photo courtesy: Ikea

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  1. Zoe Campos

    24 September

    Thanks for telling me that having a clean and tidy space can help me increase my working productivity. I’m thinking of setting up a home office for the online business I’m planning and your tips will really be useful once I started designing. I’ll look first into basic office furniture pieces and see if I can purchase a table and a mesh chair.