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“Turathna Exhibition”: Where Our Herit...

“Turathna Exhibition”: Where Our Heritage Comes To Life!

Turathna Exhibition 2020 Linesmag

Art and handicrafts have always been a unique characteristic to the Egyptian personality throughout the ages. And it developed with the development of the Egyptian culture; layers were added generation by generation till it reached us today, Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic and more. Even now every part of Egypt has its own style and crafts, in which the locals produce the most marvelous pieces. Not only with precision, but with the heart and spirit of an artist who leaves a piece of himself in his artwork. And that is Where “Turathna” Exhibition comes in!

Turathna Exhibition 2020 Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Linesmag

What Is “Turathna” Exhibition?

It is the largest exhibition for Egyptian handicrafts and local handmade art, organized by The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSMEDA). And after the success of last year’s exhibition it comes back once more even bigger! With more than 600 craftsmen, artisans, and exhibitors, displaying their products to the public.

The exhibition extends from the 10th till the 15th of October, opening doors for the public from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm, and the entrance is for FREE! The event takes place at the Egyptian International Exhibition Center in the fifth settlement.

Photo Courtesy: Linesmag

Why is “Turathna” an important event?

Ov­er the past decades, the handicrafts market has been suffering from a huge regression in the number of working artisans. And the most important reason is the international competition. Enter any of the souvenirs shops nowadays, and you will find that most of the products are imported. Products that are supposed to represent our own culture! That is because of the competitive pricing. And although the local products present higher quality, the customers  tend to go for the lower price. That is why “Turathna” is important. It acts as a window for the customers to enjoy the authentic handmade Egyptian products, at a high quality and suitable prices. It also helps in spreading the awareness about the local crafts that might be unknown to most of us. And it encourages the artisans to hold on to their trade and develop it even more.

Turathna Exhibition 2020 Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Linesmag

Why Should YOU go to “Turathna”?

Other than the fact that those amazing artistic artisans deserve all the encouragement we can give. The Exhibition is absolutely marvelous! If you are someone who is in love with the Egyptian culture, and want to satisfy yourself with an amazing dose of Egyptian modern-heritage products, you will be delighted! All the crafts you can think of are here. Pottery, handmade carpets, Killim, copper lanterns and artworks, Sinai products, Siwian products, woodwork, accessories, jewelry, Sudanese products –the guest of honor- and even more!

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As we said before, all the people in the exhibition deserve to be visited; here are some exhibitors we think you will definitely enjoy!

1- Egyptian Handicrafts Export Council EHEC

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Their products are absolutely amazing, as they take the local crafts to a whole new level. Targeting the international market, participating in exhibitions in the USA, France, and Italy; they trained the artisans to develop the style and design to be more modern, and in tune with the current trends. Hence producing authentic Egyptian spirited products, but with modern colors and designs to cope with the international taste.

2- Creative Egypt

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If you are interested in handicrafts and Egyptian products, then you are probably familiar with “Creative Egypt”. Having their own exhibitions in many places, they present high quality products with the Egyptian character you want. You should absolutely check them out.

3-Local producers from Original Governorates

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When you are walking through the exhibition you will stumble across exhibitors from different parts of Egypt. Have a stop there and enjoy the products that you won’t usually find in Cairo. Products from Sinai, Siwa, or Upper Egypt, coming directly to you from their birthplace. You will also find very talented artisans working live in the exhibition watch them create their amazing pieces of art. Enjoy and appreciate their beauty!

Turathna Exhibition 2020 Linesmag
Photo Courtesy: Linesmag

“Turathna Exhibition” deserves to be visited. And those people preserving our culture and heritage must receive all the support we could give. We should protect these wonderful crafts from extinction, and help them thrive once more. Go there, take your family or your friends and enjoy a day of Egyptian spirit that you will always remember.

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