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U for urban impact Initiative and The-Dream to mak...

U for urban impact Initiative and The-Dream to make an Impact

U for Urban Impact

Get to know their “vision and mission”  

In 2019 by the two urbanists, Lobna Anous and Salma Osman founded U for urban impact. An urban platform based in Cairo, Egypt that aims to develop cities through travel. Above all, the initiative envisions future cities as sustainable urban places celebrating individual impact and a collaborative mindset around the world. Therefore, their holistic mission is to rebuild cities through a participatory process. In addition to that, part of Uforurbanimpact’s mission is to offer travel opportunities by opening borders for people to create an urban impact. So, it’s an initiative that aims to make a difference and advocate for a real positive change.  

Come across their “dreams and goals”

U for urban impact initiative operates through four main global goals. To illustrate, these four goals are: rebuild, reconnect, recycle and rebrand. The initiative aspires to raise awareness, provide innovative solutions and cater to on-ground experiences about urban challenges around the world.

Find about their “Urban Week”

Certainly, through their core values and firm will, the team of Uforurbanimpact worked on creating the urban week. To clarify, this urban week provided a city-like interactive experience with the citizens whether virtually or on ground. The objective of this event was to raise awareness of the existing urban challenges around the world, bring up discussions about these challenges and discuss the potentials to solve them. The event brought together key stakeholders who are related to the urban field with the youth who want to make a change. The week offered a series of events: “virtual u meet”, “workshops”, “city tours”, and “on-ground u meet”. Throughout each of these events, U for urban impact applied its beliefs and reached its goals.

Take a look at their “On ground u meet” event

Lines Hub went to cover the “on-ground u meet” event and were amazed by the effort exerted. The big event took place at the Greek Campus on Friday 9th of April 2021 to be the first urban week in Egypt. Above all, the event’s space was divided into four zones reflecting each of the four goals of the initiative: Reflect, Recycle, Reconnect and Rebrand. Through activation booths, interactive games, inspiring talks, vibrant market, and dynamic exhibitions the team behind Uforurbanimpact provided an unparalleled experience to the participants.

“Urban Flea Market”

The event’s market was a vibrant one brimming with local brands. Some of these include handcrafted homeware, planting kits, and recycled art pieces to name a few. It’s worth mentioning that all the products in the flea market weren’t only local brands but also eco-friendly. U for urban impact’s team included this in their event’s program so as to encourage and empower sustainable businesses.

U for urban impact Urban flea market greek campus egypt
Urban Flea Market. Photo Courtesy: Lines Hub

“Panel Discussions”

On the stage of the Greek campus, inspiring talks and discussions took place. Founders of traveling platforms as Nomads, Gazef, and Stardust shared their travel experiences and trip tips with the audience. In addition to travel, an interesting design talk also took place during the panel discussions. Sawsan Mourad, Editor-in-Chief of elbeit magazine together with Hany Saad, CEO of Hany Saad Innovations, and Ahmed Mansour, CEO of Castle Development discussed how space design impacts its user. Finally, at the end of the day, there was an urban cinema reflection discussion held by Karim Elhayawan, Co-founder of Design Point Egypt, Hana Zaky, founder of Crew, and the film director Mohamed Koushy.

U for Urban Impact Panel Discussion. Photo Courtesy: Lines Hub
Panel Discussion. Photo Courtesy: Lines Hub

“Urban Exhibition”

Another crucial and zestful section of the day was the urban exhibition. Designed by the architect Ahmed Hossam Saafan and Meadhub, the exhibition was an exciting layered maze. This maze displayed the works of artists, architects, and designers that share the four main goals of U for urban impact. This urban exhibition was a thrilling experience where you find inspiring projects around each corner.  

Urban Exhibition Lines Hub
Urban Exhibition. Photo Courtesy: Lines Hub

“Urban Cinema”

In this area, screening short movies and documentaries about urban, cities, travel, art, music took place. It was where the participants of the event gathered eagerly to watch and reflect on what they see.  

Urban Cinema. Photo Courtesy: Lines Hub

Throughout the event

It’s worth mentioning that so many activities took place during the event some of which involved treasure hunt, wall art and lego house.

Photo Courtesy: Lines Hub

Finally, U for urban impact offered a day full of exhilaration, motivation, and information. So, shout out to this promising initiative and the preserving team behind it. To read more about the urban scene in Egypt visit: “EL-Merghany Bridge” Urban Approach: Under The Bridge

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